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    & Experienced Spanish Voice actor.
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    Neutral Spanish Voiceover

Ruben Raffo Corrales

Experienced Spanish Voice actor.

31 years as Voice Talent for Commercials, Narrations, TV Promos, the image voice of radio stations, Award Shows, Animation, Business, e-learning Telephone and Movie trailers.

He is also heard as the image voice of radio stations and representing the country’s top Television Networks.

3 times winner and 11 times nominated Voice Arts Awards (USA).

some projects I have worked on

TV Commercials

Ruben Raffo® VO TV Commercial VISA Proximity (Perú)

TV Promos

Ruben Raffo VO -TVPROMO GolPerú inicio Apertura 2017

Live announce

Ruben Raffo® VO - Live Announce Miss Peru 2017

Video Narrations

Ruben Raffo® VO - Narración MANIFIESTO (Ecuador)


El Reino Tsum Tsum de Disney - La batalla del cupcake

Movie Trailers

Ruben Raffo VO Spanish - (Poem) La Rosa Negra Short Film (Canadá)

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